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Welcome to the City!

Our Activities


Pretend Play!

Imagine City is a captivating play destination designed for kids! Within this enchanting miniature city, young imaginations can run wild as they explore a diverse array of play homes, including a delightful diner, a charming gas station, a bustling grocery store, an elegant mansion, and many other custom-built playhouses. Children have the opportunity to engage in imaginative play, interact with other young adventurers, and revel in a world entirely of their own making. It's an empowering experience where kids take the reins of their creativity, fostering social skills and endless hours of delightful fun in their very own miniature city at Imagine City.

Train Ride!

Children (and Adults) will love our custom-built ride-on Train!


Story Time Tuesdays

Imagine City's Spectacular Story Time is a magical event where children can step into a world of enchantment and meet their favorite movie and TV show characters. In this immersive experience, children can get up close and personal with beloved characters, from superheroes to princesses and talking animals. The excitement continues with fun activities like face painting, where kids can transform into their favorite characters, and lively sing-along sessions of popular songs from their beloved stories. It's an unforgettable adventure that sparks imaginations and creates lasting memories for kids and families alike. Don't miss the chance to join in the fun at Imagine City's Story Time Events!

Operating Hours

Sunday - Thursday

10:30am - 6:30pm

Friday - Saturday

10:30am - 7:30pm

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