Imagine City has several room scale State-of-the-Art Playhouse units that resemble real life homes and businesses. Each Playhome includes props and objects that immerse children in the world of pretend play.

Children will be wowed when they see them for the first time... but the Parents will be so impressed that they'll want to play as well!

Services and Activities Include:

  • Exploratory Play in Kid-Size City

  • Large Ride-on Train Ride for Kids & Adults

  • Kids Electric Ride-on Cars

  • Imagine City Parkway

  • 2 Interactive Kids Train Tables

  • Public and Private Parties

  • Green Screen Studio


Imagine City provides enrichment sessions that include a diverse set of educational activities:


  • Sip & Paint

  • Kid's Yoga

  • Story Time

  • Learn to Play Chess

  • Arts & Crafts

  • Cool Culinary Works

  • Science Experiments

  • ...and more

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